Announcing STEM Librarians Collaborative: 2021 Meeting!

The schedule for the STEM Librarians Collaborative 2021 Meeting is now available.

Please visit the code of conduct for the STEM Librarians Collaborative 2021 Meeting.

Registration is now open for the STEM Librarians Collaborative 2021 Meeting, July 21-22, 11am-3pm ET.

This is an Online Conference via Zoom and is free!

This conference offers an opportunity to learn from other science librarians about their projects and initiatives. It will include a variety of session formats including presentations, interactive sessions and lightning talks. Come hear from your peers about what interesting and effective work they are doing!

Registration form:

Registration closes on July 14th.

Feel free to email with any questions. The full conference program is in progress, with proposal review nearly completed.

Why is there a need for a new conference, you ask?

Why a collaborative?

After a long and rigorous decision-making process, we decided on this name because we believe it represents the participatory and non-hierarchical principles we are aiming to center with this conference. This conference will be for everyone, no matter your background, rank, institution, or discipline. If you have an interest in STEM librarianship, we want this conference to be for you, and that is what came to our head when we heard the name STEM Librarians Collaborative.

Ways you can get involved:

The STEM Librarians Collaborative: 2021 Meeting planning committee are:

Kayleigh Bohemier, Yale University

Sharice Collins, IOP Publishing

Leslie Eager, Duke University Press

Samuel Hansen, University of Michigan

Jenny Hart, University of Chicago

Nastasha Johnson, Purdue University

Laura Palumbo, Rutgers University

Donna Thompson, Center for Astrophysics, Harvard

Alyssa Young, James Madison University

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